The carver went about his work
though his fingers ached with pain.
He stooped from years of work and wondered -
would he ever see the northland again?

That land of legends, snow and ice -
where once he'd walked the soil.....
fished and hunted to his heart's content
through mud and snow he'd toiled.

He knew his hunting days were done
but now instead of downing game -
he'd bring his animals to life anew.....
fish and birds--so real--so tame.

And spread his gifts throughout the land
bringing joy and beauty all around -
in remembrance of that faraway land
where fish and game there still abound.

"THE CARVER" was written by Eija Rajaniemi Ferring, who lives in Kaministiquia, Ontario. The poem is about her friend Ron Bailey who has rheumatoid arthritis, yet is able to carve world class fish carvings.

© Copyright 2007 Eija Rajaniemi Ferring


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