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Of all the fish carvers, I would have to say that I admire the wonderful carvings of Teom Lim the most. His fish carvings are magnificent not only because the quality is outstanding, but because he has gone a step above other carvers. The sculptures which I enjoy the most of Teom’s are those with several fish, with a predator pursuing it’s prey. Teom’s excellence in fish carving has inspired me to create better works of art such as my sailfish and juvenile african pompano sculpture. Teom feels that the fish should be the main focal point of a carving and the habitat should be secondary. He believes that for the art of fish carving to advance, more emphasis should be placed on the artistic aspect of carvings at competitions.

Teom is involved in raising funds for the South Coast Steelhead Coalition, by creating a series of Steelhead sculptures, where the proceeds go to conserving Georgia Basin Steelhead in British Columbia. Teom keeps busy by educating young people in conservation programs, fish carving, and judging at various fish carving competitions.

Teom Lim’s excellence in the art of fish carving, his values, actions, and accomplishments, will continue to bring him praise and recognition.

This Blog was posted August 6,2012

Some of The Best Fish Carvers in
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Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

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A fitting name for a wildlife artist. Teom Lim translated from his ancient Hainan dialect means “deep wilderness”. Since his early childhood, Teom was influenced by his father ( a world traveller and outdoorsman). Stories of jungle expeditions, fishing trips and exotic wildlife were deeply imprinted into the child’s imagination. Most of his formative years were spent playing in the pristine wilderness of Alberta, Canada. There his love for the land and water grew and eventually lead him to an education in biology. With his passion for the outdoors, a university degree to fortify his passion and an artistic eye, Teom is blessed with rare perspective on wildlife art.

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His career as a wildlife artist started as a bet from a friend. Since then Teom has won and successfully defended the Canadian Fish Carving Championship title four times. He has also captured two blue ribbons at the World Fish Carving Championships. As demand for Teom’s art increases, he finds it difficult to keep up with competition pieces and commission work. Upon advice from other artists, Teom has begun to reproduce his work in signed and numbered copies.

Click HERE to visit Teom’s website.

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