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  • Scotland....(large map)
  • Fochabers....(Location of John Russell's and John Tully's studio)
  • Cullen....(Dhuie holds painting classes here)
  • Buckie....(Dhuie's art classes and painting exhibition)
  • Aberdeen....(early home to John Russell)
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Inverness
  • Dumbarton....(Charles Russell born here)
  • Bonchester Bridge....(James Russell moves here in 1918)

  • England....(large map)
  • Moreton-in-Marsh....(Home to Simon Brett)

  • Ireland....(large map)
  • Dublin....(Home to Charles Russell; Dhuie displays paintings)

  • United Kingdom and Ireland.... (large map)
  • Town Information
  • Buckie , Scotland
  • Cullen , Scotland
  • Fochabers , Scotland
  • Leith , Scotland
  • Old Aberdeen , Scotland
  • Edinburgh , Scotland
  • Dumbarton , Scotland
  • Glasgow , Scotland
  • Aberdeen , Scotland
  • Inverness , Scotland
  • Bonchester Bridge , Scotland
  • Dublin , Ireland
  • Morton-in-Marsh , England

  • Historic Town Photographs
    Fochabers, Scotland
    Fochabers, Scotland - c.1900. This is the town where John Russell and John and Dhuie Tully had their studio.

    Blackrock, Ireland
    Blackrock, Ireland - c.1900. Charles Russell died 1910 at his home in Blackrock.

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Edinburgh - c.1920. confectionary shop. John Russell's father operated a confectionary shop in Aberdeen.

    Cullen, Scotland
    Mercat Cross at Cullen. Dhuie Russell held painting classes in Cullen.

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Union Street Aberdeen - c.1900
    Photo courtesy NE Scotland Genealogy
    John Russell lived in Aberdeen for most of the years between 1820 and 1866.
    Dhuie Russell born in Aberdeen in 1862.

    Buckie, Scotland
    High Street, Buckie - 1927
    In 1895, Dhuie Russell exhibited her paintings in Buckie and held art classes.

    Leith, Scotland
    Sailing ships moored at Leith waterfront.
    John Russell was born at South Leith Parish in 1820. The Leith docks became known as the port for Edinburgh and modest shipbuilding and repair facilities grew.

    Historic Town Maps
    Fochabers, Scotland
    Fochabers map
    This map of Fochabers was drawn sometime between 1840 and 1880.

    Fochabers, Scotland
    Fochabers map
    This map of Fochabers was drawn in 1920. Notice Gordon Castle to the north, and the Spey River west of Fochabers.

    A Jig Doon High Street, Fochabers, Scotland

    Scottish folk music performed in the streets of Edinburgh for international festival - Edinburgh Fringe 2007.