c. 1895 Cascapedia River
Cascapedia River Quebec Canada
c. 1880 Cascapedia River

One of the world's greatest and most historic salmon rivers.The Cascapedia River is located in the Gaspé Peninsula of the province of Quebec and empties into Baie de la Cascapédia.

In the 1880's, fishing in Canadian rivers was becoming a well established sport that required money and connections to acquire the rights for the priviledge to fish. The Quebec Government felt that by leasing the river's fishing rights to the highest bidder, they would be making money as well as passing on responsibility of managing the rivers to the leasers. It also meant the American and Canadian anglers would become guardians of the river, willing to spend what it would take to safeguard their investment.

The river has been managed since 1981 by a local coalition called The Cascapedia Society. Although the wealthy Canadian and American anglers who own many of the private camps on the Cascapedia have an enormous impact on the local economy, they have no official representation on the board of the Society.

Just 40 anglers are allowed on 125km of prime salmon fishing each day. The average salmon caught is 20 lb.

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