Carving A Hillbilly – Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial

Carving A Hillbilly – Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial

Carving A Hillbilly – Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial

Whittling a hillbilly is a fun tutorial for beginner whittlers and wood carvers. If you’re looking for a wood carving project to carve a hillbilly why not give this a try? This step by step video tutorial will teach you how to whittle a cute little hillbilly doing his yoga. This is an easy and satisfying project that’s fun to carve and it’s a fairly easy woodcarving project.

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I’ve been receiving lots of messages from folks asking for more videos and tutorials, and I do my best to respond to every question or comment. If you want to thank, Sunni & I, we do love coffee! 😊 I have lots of ideas for future videos and the caffeine will help fuel the creative process.

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